Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gamemaster Givebacks - Contacts 

One of my players inquired as to how to determine who they met in town and whether that person could be depended upon for future interaction. To that end, we decided that for each week in town, during which the character spent some amount of time interaction with the locals, we would make a Streetwise roll (insert applicable skill from your game).

For each Success, the character gained an acquaintance - an NPC with name, race, occupation and general outlook.

For each Absolute (or Special) Success, the character gained a contact - an NPC (with info per above) that the PC can use in the future for however that NPC can support the PC.

(Alternately the Special Success can general more than one acquaintance over the week.)

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rolemaster Rulings: Varying Healing Rates 

When a character is wounded, I keep track of the CP damage in three categories: 1) Bulk damage (usually the CP dealt before the critical type on the Arms Law chart), 2) Critical damage (any CP done by the critical description) and 3) Blood/Burn loss (any CP does by X per round results from critical resuts).

Bulk damage - healed by Heal X to Y spells or herbs. Heals at normal per hour rate (I use CON bonus/5 + 2 per hour rest)

Critical damage - only healed by repair of the critical itself by spell, (such as Muscle repair, Mend bone, etc.) herb or skill (Second Aid or Surgery plus time) or duration (per Character Law)

Blood Loss/Burn Damage (Fluid/Flesh loss) - heals at the same rate as Bulk damage -but- per day not per hour.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rolemaster Rulings: "Opening a Spell List" 

A frequent question to me was how long does it take, in game, to learn enough about a spell list, from a tome or teacher, so that a caster can then spend DP on the list next level? This is what we call "Opening a List." The character needs to spend an hour per DP cost of the spell list (example: a 2/* list takes 2 hours, a 10 list takes 10 hours) with a teacher or appropriate subject matter (tome, library etc.), Once done, the character can spend DP to try to learn the list the next level.

All my players found this agreeable and slot said time into their activities during a level. Some poke through the Arcane Guild while others study with each other.

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