Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Inspired by this post -- Micromanagement

1. How long has this present campaign been in existence?

Since 1988

2. How many players do you have, and how many right now were present at the beginning of the campaign?

I have four players in the main game, of whom only one was present at the beginning.

3. How many of your players are family members?


4. How many of your present players began playing after the halfway point in the existence of your campaign? How many in the last year (if that applies)?

One of the four is from after halfway but a tad over a year.

5. How many long-term players (played for more than a third of the campaign) have you had that dropped out? Were any reasons given?

Many. Some due to the change from face-to-face to PBEM. Others due to either life, work. And a couple due to inter-player conflict in the new (PBEM) format.

6. How many short term players have you had since the campaign started who did not come back? How many of them gave a reason?

Recently two dropped but to real-life time issues. In the past, have had many who came and went.

7. How many of the players in your world have never played a roleplaying game before?

One or two in the past. None now.

8. Estimate the appearance rate of your players. How often does your campaign run?

It runs daily and most people post daily.
9. Name the three principle reasons for people not appearing in your campaign.

Work. Internet Access. Real Life.

10. How often is it that players in your campaign do not appear without having given a reason?

Folk might drop for a day or two due to vacation or RL and forget to let me know. Happens once in a blue moon.

Interesting survey ...

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