Friday, January 21, 2005

Blog Link Du Jour For as long as it is free, the PDF available at Beginner's Guide to Business Blogging makes for an interesting read with a variety of further links to blogs of note...

Monday, January 17, 2005

Sublime to the Silly Dujour

Darth Potato Head (nuff said!)

Sometimes I get stupid - comment du jour So we move to Michigan. As we do, I move the phone service from one state to the other. Deciding to trim costs (making less here in MI), I take the International Service plan (was 2.95 or 3.95/month for low rate (8-10 cent a min) calls to the UK. I figure, my parents usually call me. If I call them, how much can it be?

Time passes...

Christmas Day, call my parents to wish them Merry Christmas - time - 14 minutes.

This month, receive AT&T bill - 14 minutes to England, without the plan, is... get this... $2.48 A MINUTE... HOLY CRAP... Durston kicks himself around the cubicle... So, now, that International Plan is now only $1.00/month... Cripes... $0.08 a minute calls... so that call should have been, saying even 1 call a year... 12 x 1 + 14 mins x 0.08 -> 12+1.32 or 13.32 vs 34.72... ow... now there is a soaking for you.

Anyhoo, on the phone with AT&T, they'll look into it and call me back. Moral of this polemic, if you plan to drop the calling plan, find out how much the non-plan rate is... argh... Who knows, maybe the rate was wrong?

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