Saturday, March 20, 2010

[Intro to] Gamemaster Givebacks 

Hey again - this tag will be for my assorted non-rule related posts of assorted things I've come up with, come across or decided for my campaign. Freebie thoughts that any and all can use. Perhaps an interesting plot twist, adventure hook, NPC concept or world content.

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[Intro To] Rolemaster Rulings [for my campaign] 

This thread will present, in short form, a variety of rulings that I have made in my campaign over the years. They serve to clarify, expand or contract parts of Rolemaster that my players have found need attention. Most tend to be a mix of magic/spell related rulings (I have some players with lots of spell questions) and campaign related rulings (how to apply the rules to my campaign world in general).

Some of this content may be repeats of material in prior publication but with a revisit or a new spin. Let's see what everyone thinks eh?

Here in Grand Rapids

The desire to bring Google's fibre optic project to Grand Rapids is very strong here in town, check out Help Bring Google Fiber to Grand Rapids. Certainly a worthy endeavour. I for one an curious as to how Google will arrange the infrastructure to homes? PON to the curb? WiFi into the house?

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