Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gencon Day 4 

And so Gencon came to a close. We had another terrific breakfast at the Hampton Inn and then saw to the packing of our car. Fortunately the Hampton allows your car to be parked til 3 pm which gave us lots of time for the final pass through the con.

We headed to the vendor room and found that the Mayfair "giant" games weren't running so went shopping instead. Sunday is our day to hit the art show and we found lovely prints by Jeff Miracola (An Own, he was the Artist Guest of Honor), Raven Mimura (Tempest) and Lance Red (The Red Lotus Society) and picked up some postcards by Matthew Stewart.

After lunch was our final game for the day - Fantasy Flight's Lord of the Rings card game - wherein we got a chance to be stomped by the Osgilliath Adventure Pack (to be released in the fall). Despite the stomping, it was an interesting game.

Heleen and I did a brief pass at the vendor room, said Bye to Andrew Smith and hit the road for Fort Wayne (we take the return journey in 2 parts).

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Monday, August 08, 2011

Gencon Day 3: Part 2 

One of our favorite Gencon traditions is to drop by the South Bend Chocolate Factory store on monument circle and have a slice of their colossal cake (see first photo). Always a yummy treat and large enough for three! (We had the leftovers Sunday night.) We then headed over to the Mall next to the Embassy Suites to hit the photo booth (another tradition) but it wasn't working... Durn...

We headed into the walkways (habitrail as some call it) and headed to the Auction for one last swing through the Auction Store. As we headed down the escalator, I could see a sea of people in the main hall (likely as the Vendor room had just closed). (See second photo.) We did the swing, found some stuff (a box of Heroes V cards, for the card/board game, for $2; a 2nd Ed Character Law for Andrew) and then headed back to our room for supper.

Heleen retired for the night. I did a brief visit to the charity Auction (bid on some stuff but did not win anything - 2nd year in a row ... :( ) and then retired as well.

Coming Next: The Dark Lord chases us from Indianapolis

Gencon Day 3: Part 1 

Saturday and a chance to sleep in for a bit. Once up, the Hampton continued a string of nice breakfasts (no repeats of the main course over the 4 days - that was nice). Then off to the vendor room to attempt to have lunch with some of our old RPS friends, Andrew Smith and ... (See photo)  ... Ted Webster!

Well, unfortunately, Ted had a noon game (we had a 1pm) and Andrew was tied up in meetings. So we had lunch and then off to our Advanced Civilization board game. Very complex but very interesting. Unfortunately Heleen had to bow out early (she wasn't feeling well) but I did manage to pull off a technology victory (buying a level 5 tech). (Only doable as I had 2 spies and Mass Media and hence fought off not one but two Atomic attacks ... wow.)

Next time: Let us eat Cake :)

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