Friday, April 02, 2010

Rolemaster Rulings: Use of Wind Steeds 

Now commonplace in my game (in equal proportion to players and NPCs using Conveying Ways' Flying Disks and Diskcraft), my players introduced the use of bound Wind Steeds (Elemental Companion) as mounts.

The basis is the Rolemaster Companion II Elemental Summons list. Wind Steeds are considered a Weak Elemental for purposes of Summons (10th level) and Mastery (12th level). The combined summoning ritual (per Companion III) is thus 12+5 (10/2) or 17th. I usually add 2 levels to that to bind the Steed to someone other than the caster.

Positives (for the players); High speed travel, easy to ride and don't each much

Negatives: They are big, noisy and dumb as rocks. Steeds can't attack. People remember then (20' wingspans and buzzing like the wind on steroids).

But my players swear by them. The only problem is that their carry capacity is HP * 2.5 lbs so their summoner sometimes has to go through several summons to get a Steed with enough HP for a large character (Steeds start w 90 hp hence 225 lb carry).

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Twas going through the archives and came across an event from 5 years or so ago (but only 8 months in game, but that is the nature of this PBEM). The adventurers encountered a local Robin Hood-sort, the Bandit of Chell Dennis Moore and his horse Concorde. (Yes, name shameless stolen.)

After an epic battle the players defeated and captured Dennis and Concorde. He was delivered to the authorities in Chell. Concorde dropped off at a local stable. Dennis and Concorde were magically bonded (see the Beastmaster Animal Bonding spells in Rolemaster Companion II) and this was a subject of much discussion as to whether the horse had free will or not.

At some point therein the party leader, Khuniya, a Hani archmage, decided she wanted to have Concorde for herself (?). She spent her share of the reward and loot to buy the animal from the locals. As one might expect, somehow Dennis managed to escape and then Khuniya received the expected note:

Khuniya is in her quarters, perhaps preparing for dinner, when there is a knock at the door. A page discreetly enters.

"Milady," she curtsies, "One of the men brings word."

One of the Clan horsemen waits without. An older Hani, brown furred graying, a pronounced limp, from a riding accident many years ago, evident as he enters.

He bows deeply, "Lady Khunya. I am sorry to report a loss of a sorts. One of my stable-boys was taking your horse, the large gray one, for a walk. Suddenly, and he had never done this before, the horse threw the stable-boy. The beast then bolted through the front gates and down the road."

"The guards were loath to shoot good horseflesh and let it go. However one swears he may have seen a rider mount the horse, as it galloped away. The stable-boy is ok, a little bruised and dusty. Many apologies, Lady Khunya." He bows again and departs.

Somewhere, in the hills of (occupied, another story) Tarn South, Dennis Moore and Concorde ride onward.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Careers at GE Aviation Systems 

We're hiring! Check out the re-launch of the company career site at -- http://www.geaviation.com/joinus/ -- tell them that I referred you. Best of luck!

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