Monday, August 23, 2010

Rolemaster Rulings: Simplify? 

The thought comes to mind to take the RMSS set of % actions (which I like) and reduce or round to the near 10% (10-20-30 ... 100) or even to the nears 1/4 of a round (25-50-75-100). One would need to ponder what granularity is required with respect to common actions of PCs throughout a combat round.

If going to 10% increments, then some common results and actions would be modified. For example - the casting round (effect) for a spell becomes say a 70% action. The Bard hold song reduces a target to say 30% action (or 20%). I would need to poke through all 3 books and sync common actions (a doable task).

The combat round, moving in chunks of 10% activities, seems to flow and connect in a good fashion (note: I do not use phases and generally sort by QU between all involved but most everything is simultaneous).

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