Thursday, July 08, 2004

From the weekly Circuits newsletter from the NYTimes, they did a brief review of City of Heroes, the Superhero MMORG that Heleen, Scott Turnbull, Paul-Allen Bixler and myself are playing. The review (annoying free subscription required) is at -- City of Heroes, a new role-playing game, is made for players who would rather be Superman than Merlin. -- tis a fun game where you see all sorts of inventive costumes (a horde of Oompa Loompas) and blatant clone costumes (lots of the Hulk etc.) of which I am guilty of both.... :)

Link Du Jour The Man Who Knew Too Much, no not the movie, but commentary from Slate on the current Jeopardy champion... all very self-referential and self-cyclic (blogs referencing other blogs) sort of stuff...

By the way, a big Hi to everyone reading this (am surprised by folk popping out of the woodwork who say they have checked out a post or two... I can feel my ego growing to fill my little cubicle to bursting... hehe).

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