Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gencon - Day 4 

Short final day at the con for us. First I picked up our surprising auction results - sold all but 2 items and made some mad money. Heleen and I then hit the Art Show and picked up prints by Steve Argyle and Charles Urbach. Mark Poole said his new piece (Assassin's Strike iirc) will be available after the con.

After lunch onsite and a final rest in the VIG room, Heleen and I hit the road for the drive back to Fort Wayne, returning to the Hilton Garden Inn. We had a nice dinner at Golden Corral (again, like Tues eve) and a fine breakfast the next day. Back to Kentwood Monday afternoon.

Gencon - Day 3 

Slower pace to the day. Breakfast at the Embassy Suites and then to the vendor room. Heleen found a Descent demo while I chatted with Andrew Smith. We then grabbed a nice lunch from the pizza place under the Hyatt.

Heleen rested while Andrew introduced me about. Made a number of contacts to begin a push in Freelancing. (I'd like to develop campaign content on all scales.) We did a little more poking about, some of the charity auction and then called it a night.

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