Monday, May 16, 2011

Over at NewbieDM they asked folk to share what is in their current DM binders. Since I have mine with me at work (Sssh) I figured I would take a quick walkthrough it for everyone online...

It is a 2 inch white binder with plastic-insert style cover (a map for a prior scenario jammed on the front). The edge will eventually get an insert that says "Against Five Darknesses. Vol 4 (iirc)."

Inside left pockets (3 - cool) - some reference sheets (group Perception and Stalk totals), some notes (Wind Steed ritual calculation) and some old PC background info (some PCs, some NPCs etc.)

Section 1: Copies of all PCs and NPCs in the current party.

Section 2: Running total of party treasury and purses of a couple NPCs

Section 3: Game notes for current campaign. Currently starts at page 709 (8.7.98 PS - the adventurers return to a town after a battle) to pg 847 (current time).

Section 4: Character and summary sheets for "enemy" NPCs (including the long-term nemesis who keeps turning up).

Inside right pockets: A list of herbs from all Rolemaster sources, some old PC/NPC sheets, battle sheets from a recent encounter and more reference stuff.

Howzat? :)

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