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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arda Weekly: Main

The Hands of the Light remain in Naitsirk and continue they investigations into the kidnapping and soon to be ransoming of the orphans of Felda. Amidst all that, the company welcomes back Khuniya, having completed the geas to restore the remains of Calenhad Rocaim to his tomb on Rocaim's Watch, and Sunbeau, whom Khuniya brought with her from Rocaim after a vision, from Phoenat, warned of the plight of the orphans.

In Naitsirk, the company discovers that the dwellers of the Tesien marshes, nicknamed swampies, are generally despised and looked-down-upon as lesser folk. This, in part, may motivate their actions. The swampy gangs, after a time of predatory activity, have refined their craft to only attack profitable targets - distant merchants unable to contest the ransom demands.

The company ponders several avenues open to them, including searching the swamps, paying and trying to retrieve the ransom and other plots. Which will they choose?

Arda Weekly - SDA

Paksennarion the Paladin and Richard the Warrior continue their quest in the caverns near Azadmere. Currently they are trying to fight their way through the warrens - a lesser Dwarven village that has fallen to the Unlife. The remains of the inhabitants rise from their undead sleep and advance upon our Heroes, attempting to consume their life essence.

So far Paks and Richard, assisted by Dwalin the Priest, Ahsas the Assassin, and the two Princesses, Melissa the Warrior Mage and Jade the Rogue, have defeated several dozen minor skeletons. Now they are in a protracted melee with five greater skeletons. Nearby a faint red glow grows as something more powerful has sensed their approach.

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Good Morning all

Time (perhaps) to resurrect this blog with more than just random musings

So, going to ease into some assorted RPG content

This Friday finished my entry in the - 2010 One Page Dungeon Contest. I entered Cemetery Hill last year (starting a tradition of non-standard formats and what not).

This year - Familar Territory - a cavern crawl for a magician and friends willing to go to any length to find the perfect familiar.

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