Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election Musings Du Jour 2008 John McCain vs Hilary Clinton, you heard it here first! (Or perhaps not... )
Anyhoo, lunchtime discussion on Monday suggested that we could have an era of Bush-Clinton presidencies: Bush 41, Bill Clinton, Bush 43, Hillary, Jeb Bush, and by then, old enough, Chelsea Clinton and the first dual presidency - The Bush Twins (sharing the job)... It would be amusing to hop into the future (say 300 years) and see what historians think of such a run... (unless historians of that era are scribbling in dirt or carving rocks.)

Monday, November 01, 2004

Tech Link Du Jour
World's First Ultra-Thin Multilayer Circuit Board Fabricated by Epson Inkjet Technology -- interesting. I wonder what sort of electrical characteristics, especially current, are present in such a circuit board style.

Musings Du Jour First Halloween in Michigan and the differences between NJ and MI were notable. Both communities scheduled a specific trick-or-treat day (not on Halloween itself, being a Sunday this year). Here in Michigan, we saw alot more 10 year old plus kids t-or-ting, especially teens. I can't think of a teen in NJ who would have been caught dead doing such. There were some really nice houses here as well. One holding a BBQ with hot dogs and hot chocolate for all. Another, a candy distributor, giving away full-sized candy bar. Wow, chocolate heaven. We actually ran out of candy early, but once our porch lights were off, we weren't bugged. Next time, I will ping my friend Mike, who forgot t-and-ting was Saturday and had bags of candy leftover...

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