Saturday, August 07, 2010

Gencon - Day 2 

Another busy day at the event. Up and at them via a Subway breakfast. Checked out the art show. Mark Poole has a new piece of a red-haired warrior/assassin leaping into harm's way. A definite must have for our Sasha gallery.

Continued our trundle through the Vendor Room in the PM and then had a nice early dinner at Buca DiBeppo, the Italian restaurant.

Next we did Friday evening demos - tried a boat building game called Hagoth, which was OK. Then we got a chance to try Rio Grande's Dominion for the first time. That was lots of fun. (Rio Grande also had a roast beef carving station in the room - wow.)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Gencon - Day 1 

Day 1 in the books and we had a lot of fun. Did the early run through the vendor room and barely touched it. Saw the new terraclips product which looks neat. Heleen met a developer doing his own rogue/Angband like game. Also saw some neat wooden puzzle boxes.

Then off to a Runewars demo from Fantasy Flight games. Had a lot of fun getting crushed by Heleen's undead. Elves need more food!

Finally some nice pizza from the small shop under the Hyatt and we relaxed for the evening.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Gencon 2010 - Here we are 

Hey everyone - Heleen and I are at Gencon 2010 for the weekend. Will post or tweet (http://twitter.com/ACDurston) observations and reviews as the event unfolds.


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